JANUARY 7, 2012
Perhaps thought of and perceived as a casual joke,
I used first class service with no room to fake.
I materialized and realized her favorite flavor of cake,
A privilege for this humble gentleman to bake.

Serving as an honor to have and enhance opportunity
For her joy felt with delighted continuity,
Revealing surely her delightful smiles,
With millions of carefully driven miles.

The gesture would find place in the gallery of artistic kindness,
Always sharing literary boldness
By the many who love literature
And an affirmative approved signature.

Her delight would be mine to cherish.
Surely it would never diminish.
In happiness she would share
With no one yet never anyone to dare.

“In short, driving Miss Caroline would give her the joy of happiness
and allow me the reward of kindness.”

Moses Sao Zumo Cooper of Deignmai