APRIL 19, 2013
From the day I spied you, I knew that you were in serious good
I also knew that I was the only one chosen to rescue you without a
The day was exceptional, a sunny and beautiful afternoon.
That night, I dreamt about you standing in the glow of a bright
shining moon.

Then with my humble charm, I took you to a pan-cake dinner;
You were happy and the easiest to please in the best manner.
I always was at ease with you, confident of your rescue.
I got along with your sister, your friends and especially with your
mother’s manqué.

Then I tried to be alone with you, but your cousins and friends were
always around.
I joined the group and everyone called me good friend with a
positive sound,
Each time I tried to impress you with my future plans, you were
The past needed to be buried in order for us to focus on the future

Then my female friends were getting jealous about your role in my
Two of them often offered me serious commitment proposals for
Along with my studies, I accepted a week-end, part-time job offer.
My busy week days and week-ends left me with no room for a
I felt that my rescue strategy was not going as planned. It was
I was ready for help from the only one in good trouble or from
I would not fight a losing battle, and so I had to take flight;
And in the name of academic pursuit, I left town without a fight.

Many years passed and unlike my nature, I had to give up on my
rescue efforts.
I achieved my main goal by acquiring another academic degree of
distinction of sorts.
Then the lady in the good trouble called me and said,
“You stole my heart once and for all with your deeds,”
And she politely asked for no commitments for the seeds planted by
my needs.

For the sake of our children, our relatives and friends we must
always be as peaceful as possible.
Love means giving to others and to the world of nations and
homelands, always able.
I am grateful and thankful for the love you have shown me and it
makes me humbler, I pray for thankfulness, repentance and for
God’s mercy for our endings to be more honorable.

Moses Sao Zumo Cooper of Deignmai