AUGUST 8, 2013
My dad starts every meal with chopped fried onion for the aroma of
a fine dish
And cooks with hot spices that taste delicious rather than like fish.
Meals are usually a green or bean vegetable dish cooked with
chicken or steak.
His creation looks appetizing with no ingredient that is fake.

He tells everyone that he is a true and sincere vegetarian.
When they say “Really?” He says, “Yes with some chicken or steak
for a Liberian!”
Nonetheless, his cooking is always tasty and nice,
And every meal comes with lots of steamed rice.

He also likes to cook a huge pile of beans with chopped chicken or
steak for flavor.
This meal has my mother’s highest favor.
My father’s meals and regular exercises make my parents look
Younger than their age. There is in their home no room to be filthy.

My two boys and husband have learned to eat and enjoy his meal,
And that to me, as their only daughter, is surely a great deal.
Even better, my mother is a city lady who cooks on special occasion
So she does the holiday cooking with perfection.

When I take my family home to visit my parents, I give back and do
the meal preparation.
I guess because my mother trained me, I cannot depart from the
family tradition.
My mother also served in a beauty salon a long time ago before
nursing school
So now I cut hair for my family and my father and my mother for the
joy of sitting on her stool.
My parents now encourage me to become a professional beautician,
To be like Koto Momolu, a professional designer who is also a Liberian.
I guess I am like my parents in the ways of aspiration because
My parents and I are always advancing forward without

Now I pray for my boys to be ambitious and do the same
So that they can work hard and advance in the school game.
Then they will be prepared for career advancement
Which would allow me and my husband to retire some day with
proud enjoyment.

Moses Sao Zumo Cooper of Deignmai