Meet Moses S. Z. Cooper of Deignmai


Moses Sao Zumo Cooper was born on Christmas Day in Vezala, Liberia, West Africa. As a young man, his dream was to come to the United States to pursue graduate studies and he accomplished it in 1977.

He holds a B.A. in Economics and Business Administrations from the University of Liberia. First, he earned Master Degree in International Management from Thunderbird Global School of Management in Glendale, Arizona followed by another Master Degree in Education from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri; which led Moses to one of the most rewarding professional career: teaching.

Moses is a dedicated family man, his family and friends describe him as a “people’s person.”His life’s work and passions has been to educate students around the world.

His hobbies include writing poetry which he taught himself. Moses’ other hobbies include listening to Classical and Country Music, cultivating his love for art history and listening and watching the World News.

He currently resides in Bentonville, Northwest Arkansas with his family.

Moses is currently in the process of putting his Economics & Business Classes in distance learning in addition to teaching them in a regular class-room environment.




The inspiration behind “The shining star in the sand”
by Moses Cooper 

When I returned to my hometown from my grandparents’ hometown where I had been for few years, Augustine K. Samuka who is one of my brothers and who had just started attending school, asked me to go out and play with him in the sand.
As soon we sat in the sand to play, with his left front finger he immediately drew the star in the sand so quickly and accurately that I was so impressed and inspired to go to school too and learn.

Up to today’s date, the star shining star in the sand motivates me in my academic and other professional endeavors.

This is the main reason why I chose the “The Star Shining in the Sand” to be my logo.